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Lois PlayerBody

The one and only. Can only be found in H3MPs Body Wristmenu Panel.

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A whole new loader

Preferred version: 1.3.0
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My Destiny Weapon Script

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H3MP - Multiplayer Mod

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Lois D. Tall PlayerBody

The time has arrived.

An OC which I have cherished for such a long time, now in 3D. I have worked with a prototype for a while, but this model is brand new and made specifically with PlayerBodies in mind.

Lois D. Tall was an announcer, an icon of several weapons skins, even a pair of apertures to put on your guns. She was on the backside of a Melon Counter, her voice and likeness on several maps, a handful of charms, a few easter eggs... And now, the PlayerBody, the final piece of the puzzle.

The model isn't quite original, however, as it is a derivative of Tarara Tarako's work. A legendary MMD modeler, who's creations have held a pedigree of sorts above the usual, much like the majority of VRChat models in the wild. I was just eccentric to have been able to pull the edit off as it just fits the original vision so well. With nobody more happier than me, I had the thought of keeping this model to myself.

With Jerry sharing their OC, I think the answer is to follow suit.

Model made by Tarara Tarako --

Thumbnail made with NovelAI, a combination of old art and a backdrop of Paradise making it possible.


V1.0.1 -- Damage/Death Emotes added, thank you Jerry for the care package!

To have the Hurt Emotes work, you need to activate the "Light" Player Hit Effects

Options Panel > Simulation Settings > "Light" Player Hit Effects

V1.0.2 -- Added Catcher Cams. Activate them by toggling the right thigh.