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Venerated PlayerBody

The spanning image of a 'merican soldier. Can only be found in H3MPs Body Wristmenu Panel.

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Venerated Milsim PlayerBody

Looking almost identical to that of the OG MW2 Cover Art Soldier, and with the return of MW2 maps on the horizon for MW '23, its a good time to bring this character to H3VR.



The idealization of a modern 'Merican soldier, the "Venerated" Milsim skin was my daily drive during MW '19s prime time. You bought this skin to support Vets through CODs yearly Veteran Program, but you kept using it because it was a badass skin with nothing else that could challenge it. This and the Darkness Bale skin was the ideal match for a handful of people, including myself.

A final relic of faceless grunts this was. I ran it until I glitched the game and had BOCWs CDL skin in MW '19. It was tough to drop an execution and, of course, this skin... But for something that looked much like what I rocked in Hardline, it was what I chose and I cannot unchoose.

Model from MW '19

Many thanks to Kirloper for the Asset Repo!


V1.0.1 -- Fixed on/off flickering mesh renderers, thanks Catcher for the heads up on that!

V1.0.2 -- Added Catcher Cams. Activate them by toggling the right thigh.

V1.0.3 -- Readme restoration