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Whitley Mephisto NEXOTIC

You've made a deal with a devil, are you ready to pay the price?

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Whitley - Mephisto NEXOTIC

Well, this is quite the find. Another dual feed LMG, this one with taking BAR / HCAR magazines as well as the provided belt box utilizing 50 rounds of that strong Garand round.

Of course, to what the costs are to use this gun, that will be left to you to discover, should you choose to wield this twisted MG.


Assets from the game Call of Duty - Vanguard. Slightly miscolored and loss of details means I shouldn't call it the "War Reich" like the OG, so a new name was given here.

Thank you Kirloper, giving me a new reason to make Belt Display Data is a ton of fun, more peoples should give LMG making a shot with Meatkit!

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