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Wolfies Krig6 Ice Drake NEXOTIC

The rifle of a Dohvakiin.

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Wolfie's Krig-6 -- "Ice Drake" NEXOTIC

A lot of people like this Mastercraft, its got a pretty exterior, but its insides were not so pretty when I got hands on with it.

Its cleared for takeoff now, with a few added bonuses such as ModulAR compatibility~

I'm sure Wolfie plans on throwing in their own Modul mod support but this one will remain ModulAR supported cuz I think its funny.


Assets from the game Call of Duty - Black Ops Cold War.

One of the OG Mastercrafts sent to me by Supurfly, its now implemented at last! Thanks again for the opportunity!


V1.0.1 -- Too busy lookin at the wings flip floppin to see that my mag grab trigger was busted! Also, fixed minor blemish with the magazine.

V1.1.0 -- Added dragon ambience on request of fellthekiller on YT

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