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Wunderwaffe DG2 Ethereal NEXOTIC

Science or magic, this weapon should be forbidden.

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Wunderwaffe DG2 -- "Ethereal" NEXOTIC

Vanguard went the safe route when it came to the Wunderwaffe. Granted, they made bad decisions with their zombies series, so I don't blame them...

But after seeing the Raygun undergo changes and sequels, they should've done the same with the DG2, right?

Here we are. A wunderweapon "skin". I've been stretching that term a lot, but this takes the cake.


This model in particular was a mashup of recent zombies history, mesh and tex alike, initially created and rendered by Sal. on the Rectangular Discord. He was kind enough to lend me his assets to bring to the world of H3VR, so thank you man!


V0.0.1 -- This is the initial launch of the DG2. There are issues with it. I have plans to upgrade and develop it further. However, for those that want to use, feel free to use it.

v0.0.2 -- Fixed an annoying easy to miss oversight, Rift users are now able to use this gun.

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