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AR15 Varmint Rifle

This is for Zeds, not 'varmints'.

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"This is for Zeds, not 'varmints'."

My second mod! Featuring the AR-15 Varmint Rifle from Killing Floor 2. The mod uses original models, textures, sounds, and even functionality to Killing Floor 2. The AR-15 Varmint Rifle is listed under the PDW section of the Item Spawner.

This weapon includes the following:

  • Fires 9x19mm Parabellum, uses a custom 20 round mag, but can also take QC9 mags. Fires at 500 RPM. Mag is also usable on the QC9.
  • Semi-Auto by default, contains a 3 Round Burst Mode and Safety. The Bounty variant has automatic also available.
  • The back iron sight (including its Picatinny rail) and front iron sight are their own attachments for use on any picatinny rail. The one on the Varmint Rifle is non-removable, however.
  • Operational retractable stock, integrated flashlight, Picatinny rails, bolt release, and waggle joints. The angled grip is integrated and cannot be removed.

Good luck aiming with the iron sights...



  • The Bounty variant has now been made its own item spawner entry


  • New variant added! The variant the bountier wanted - a version with an automatic fire mode! It is nested in the base Varmint Rifle as a dependancy on the Item Spawner, and is called the "Bounty" variant.
  • Centered Grabbity on the Magazine
  • Fixed broken mod file :(
  • Attempted to add in stock and bolt forward held sounds (?)


  • Increased the hitbox of the angled grip trigger
  • Slightly lowered magwell to prevent magazine clipping
  • Centered and repositioned MagExit in the bolt to make the bullet clip less when cycling
  • Fixed recoil profile to be identical to the QC9
  • Repositioned visual bullets in the mag to prevent clipping on every second to fourth shot
  • Fixed bugged hitbox to actually... be a hitbox
  • Fixed missing sounds on flashlight toggle
  • Grabbity Glove trigger fixed to be correct
  • Modified pose a little to be closer to trigger


  • File structure fixes


  • Release!

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