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Radium Rifle

The Radium Rifle irradiates bullets as they are fired, causing ballistic damage, with an extra kick of radiation damage that is deadly to humans.

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"The Radium Rifle irradiates bullets as they are fired, causing ballistic damage, with an extra kick of radiation damage that is deadly to humans."

The Radium Rifle, a post-World War II modification of the Gustloff Volkssturmgewehr found on the post-nuclear Island near Maine, is a submachine gun with components addended onto it to irradiate its bullets and deal radiation damage.

I've used the Modul approach with this mod! Every single attachment with a unique model is in this pack. Their effects are largely muted as Fallout 4 game logic does not translate into H3VR. The Glow Sight attachment is particularly tiny by the way, I will not change this as it is intentional, just make sure not to lose it!

I will not make a "clean" version of the Radium Rifle without the tech.


  • The Radium Rifle and its Rapid variant are found in the SMG section of the item spawner, fires at ~540 RPM (regular) or ~660 RPM (rapid), with a 20 or 40 round magazine, and is chambered in .45 ACP. All attachments are proprietary and will only work on the Radium Rifle.
  • Five attachment points - Muzzle, Barrel, Stock, Optic, and Glow Sight. The Optic attachment point is located by the knobs on the rear top cover, and the Glow Sight attachment point is located on the raised cylinder above the center of the bolt housing.
  • All models, sounds and textures ripped directly from Fallout 4.
  • Two optics, two magazines, three stocks, two muzzles, two barrels, one glow sight. The muzzles do not scale well with the Radium Rifle by design, as this is how it looks in game.
  • A reciprocating bolt housing which functions as a charging handle


  • Irradiated .45 ACP bullet with a Fallout-style health system
  • Making the scope actually function, with a Night Vision version as well
  • Suppressed shots and suppressor screwing on sounds when I get them



  • Scope model has been DRASTICALLy improved
  • Added OtherLoader as a dependency


  • Initial release

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