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Fort Pistols

Ukraine's successor to the Makarov!

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Fort Pistols

Is it still a Wonder Nine if it's in 9x18?

Designed in the mid 1990s as a collaboration between Fort and CZ, the Fort-12 was heavily inspired by the CZ-75 and CZ-83. The Fort-17 was designed in 2004 as a modernization of the 12, using a polymer frame and adding a removable backstrap, accessory rail and night sights. Both are direct blowback pistols chambered for 9x18mm and feeding from 12 or 13 round magazines. They see use today with Ukraine's police and military, as well as in civilian hands, often in a "traumatic" less-lethal adaptation.





ported from Stalker CoP Gunslinger Mod, with permission

  • Fort-12: model and texture by SAM61
  • Fort-17: model and texture originally from Survarium, edited by SAM61



  • Actually fixed Thunderstore package and images


  • Fixed Thunderstore package and images

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