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Milano Italian Stiletto Switchblade

A fancy Italian switchblade. Comes in two colors (wooden or black grips). Includes a custom switchblade script. Use the trigger to open and close the blade.

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A whole new loader

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OpenScripts2: Return of the Impossible!

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Milano Italian Stiletto Switchblade

Two fancy Italian made Switchblades, one with wooden, the other with black grips.


Use the trigger to open and close the blade!


Found in Melee/Tactical

Milano Switchblade


v2.0.0 Completely redone in MeatKit and updated to OpenScripts2.

v1.0.3 had a weird manifest so the update didn't get applied... somehow... hope this helps!

v1.0.2 added OpenScripts as a dependency

v1.0.1 updated with a functioning picture

v1.0.0 initial release