Mods uploaded by edisleado

FN F2000
The universally loved FN F2000. Inspectable chamber, and a plethora of unique attachments: GL-1 (grenade launcher), 1.6x scope w/ custom reticle, scope covers, front sight, custom Slovenian top rail, 2 camos, and 4 foregrips.
Last updated: a year ago
FN Five seveN Black
A simple recolour of the default FN Five-seveN. Tan parts have been recoloured to black. Mag release button, safety switch, and takedown lever have been recoloured to grey.
Last updated: a year ago
Dust 2 City
A reimagining of de_dust2 using Synty Studios' Polygon City assets. 9 Hold Points, 8 Supply Points.
Last updated: 2 years ago