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FN F2000

The universally loved FN F2000. Inspectable chamber, and a plethora of unique attachments: GL-1 (grenade launcher), 1.6x scope w/ custom reticle, scope covers, front sight, custom Slovenian top rail, 2 camos, and 4 foregrips.

Date uploaded a year ago
Version 3.4.0
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This mod requires the following mods to function

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A whole new loader

Preferred version: 1.0.0
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H3VR Utilities is a dependency mod that is required for many custom items.

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The universally loved FN F2000, now available in H3VR with a multitude of special attachments, providing users with extensive customization possibilities.


More screenshots available on Imgur!

Questions, issues, or feedback?

Please contact me on Discord (edisleado#2875) or or visit the H3VR modding Discord server.


  • 4 foregrips

    • Classic round foregrip
    • Tactical foregrip (round foregrip with a triple Picatinny rail)
    • CQB foregrip (low-profile grip with a triple Picatinny rail) with detachable trigger guard
    • Monolith foregrip (a P90-style foregrip with a triple Picatinny rail)
  • 1.6x F2000 scope with custom reticle

  • 2 scope covers (can be attached directly to the scope, allowing for the use of the F2000 scope and cover combo on other weapons)

    • Production (final) model
    • Prototype model
  • F2000 front ironsight

  • 2 skins/camos

    • Desert (Tan)
    • Arctic (White)
  • Slovenian Rail (F2000 S) with custom front iron sight

    • A special raised rail with integrated carry handle, replaces the original top picatinny rail
  • GL-1 40mm grenade launcher

    • Production (final) model
    • Prototype model
  • F2000 foregrip adapter

    • An adapter that allows you to use F2000 foregrips on any picatinny rail
    • Use this in combination with the F2000 round foregrip and scope (and scope cover) to make any gun a "fish gun"!

Features / Interactable Parts

  • Charging handle

    • lockable to the rear
    • HK-slappable
  • Inspection cover

    • located behind the rear sight
    • open to check the chamber
  • Shell ejection door

    • located at the front-right of the gun
    • can be manually opened and closed
    • will automatically open when ejecting shells or when pulling the charging handle
  • Back-up rear iron sights

    • can be manually raised/lowered

Video Demo

A quick overview of the interactable parts and attachments (as of v2, old video):

Changelog & Additional Details

See the full changelog and additional details in the following Google Doc: