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Ashes ModulRPK16

Found in SMG/Rifle > Assault Rifles AND ModulAK Recievers

By fsce
Date uploaded a year ago
Version 1.1.0
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Downloads 12079
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This mod requires the following mods to function

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A whole new loader

Preferred version: 1.0.0
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Conglomeration of scripts to make your modding life more funky! And make impossible things possible.

Preferred version: 1.1.20


Ash's ModulRPK-16!


While ModulAK is not a hard dependency, it allows you to further customise your RPK!
The RPK can be found in SMG/Rifle > Assault Rifles AND ModulAK Recievers (If you have it installed)!


ModulRPK comes with my first 5.45 Jungle mags - the AK-12 Mags complete with followers and windows!
2 Barrel lengths are available, as well as Picatinny and dovetail mounts, and a custom muzzle attachment
Prebuilts for TNH, full vaulting support, etc
i hope ya have fun with it :)


ModulRPK-16 Prebuilt
ModulRPK-16 Stripped
AK-12 Jungle Mag
370mm RPK-16 Barrel
550mm RPK-16 Barrel
RPK-16 Muzzle
RPK-16 Rail Mount


1.0.0: Initial Release
-Updated Recoil and Sound profile
-Dual mag should vault correctly

A Massive thank you to the H3VR Modding Community for putting up with my endless questions and bugs :3