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Adds a variety of custom healing items.

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Dr. Potatos' Home Remedies

I can almost certainly guarantee none of these will give you cancer!

All items are consumed just like the regular health sausages. Items will have a short description on how much health they heal in their display name on the wrist menu. So if you aren't sure just check your wrist while holding one!

Adds a variety of new healing items using the revamped Munchies framework which includes several new options for custom healing items:

  • Heal over time: Item heals a given percent of health over the course of time.
  • Heal Stacking: If the player eats two or more "heal over time" items back-to-back the previous heal effect is added to, not overwritten! So your healing rate will go up and total health healed will the sum of the items eaten.
  • Heal Limit: Item can only heal up to the limit. If your health is above the limit of the item the item will not be consumed. This also prevents wasting a healing item due to accidental eating when at 100% health already.

Huge thanks to Nrgill for walking me through how to set up my first custom script!



  • Bandages (+10% HP but can only heal you up to 75% HP)
  • First Aid Kit (Heals you to 75% HP, but can't heal past that)
  • Med Kit (Heals you to 100% HP)
  • Energy Drink (+25% HP over the course of 2 minutes)
  • Painkillers (+40% HP over the course of 3 minutes)
  • Adrenaline Syringe (+85% HP over the course of 5 minutes)

Rainbow Six Siege

  • Doc's Stim (+40% HP)

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Please give me feedback and bug reports on any of the H3 discords (SirPotatos).


[1.0.0] - 2022-05-09

  • Initial Release

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