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Downloads all of the Recommended mods for Rainbow Six Steve.

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Meat_banono-Meats_ModulSIG-3.0.8 icon

Never Sizzle. The SIG MCX and MPX come searing in to H3VR in fully modular fashion.

Preferred version: 3.0.8
Meat_banono-Meats_ModulAK-3.1.0 icon

Build an AK! Please visit the mod page for operation instructions!

Preferred version: 3.1.0
Meat_banono-Meats_M45A1-1.0.0 icon

U.S. Meat Corps Sidearm of Choice!

Preferred version: 1.0.0
Andrew_FTW-FTW_Arms_Modular_M1a-2.0.5 icon

Adds a Modular M1 series rifle with a bunch of parts and some really cool rifle grenades

Preferred version: 2.0.5
Andrew_FTW-FTW_Arms_ITA12L_Shotgun-1.0.1 icon

Made by H&K but also not really? Adds multiple variants of the ITA12 Shotgun from R6 Siege

Preferred version: 1.0.1
Andrew_FTW-FTW_Arms_Spear_308-1.0.1 icon

Made by Tula Arms cause of course it is

Preferred version: 1.0.1
Not_Wolfie-Modul_FAL-2.0.2 icon

7.62 NATO Modul Battle-Rifle

Preferred version: 2.0.2
nayr31-ModulSaiga12-1.0.3 icon

Adds a modular Saiga 12.

Preferred version: 1.0.3
Muzzle-SIG_P320-1.0.2 icon

The SIG P320, in five unique flavors!

Preferred version: 1.0.2
Potatoes-Potatoes_Carbines-9.1.0 icon

Part of PCCG. Adds a whopping 14 carbines!

Preferred version: 9.1.0
Muzzle-Muzzles_Automags-1.0.0 icon

An array of classic magnum pistols in a variety of calibers!

Preferred version: 1.0.0
sgtbrooks-ModularHK417_and_NightVision-2.0.2 icon

Modular HK417 with thermal and night vision scopes.

Preferred version: 2.0.2
Muzzle-Modul_VR80-1.0.0 icon

Adds a ModulAR compatible magazine-fed shotgun!

Preferred version: 1.0.0


Recommended Mods for R6 Steve

Downloads all of the "Recommended" mods for Rainbow Six Steve.

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2022-11-5 1.2.0 672 Version 1.2.0 Install
2022-5-10 1.1.2 2227 Version 1.1.2 Install
2022-4-24 1.1.1 880 Version 1.1.1 Install
2022-4-13 1.1.0 688 Version 1.1.0 Install
2022-2-18 1.0.0 1344 Version 1.0.0 Install